San Diego County Seniors Golf Association Membership Application

Article III, Section 1- Membership;  Any resident of San Diego County who has attained the age of fifty-five (55) and who in good repute, is eligible for active membership in the Association.

A one time administration fee of $10.00 is included in the total.

Please note you must be a register with the website before you're able to complete your membership.  To register go to the top right hand side ware it says login.  When you tap that this will take you to a login page.  Right above the login says sign up.  Put your email address in along with a password.  One this is done an email will be to the website administrator.  When he approves you login you will receive an email letting you know you're approved.  It is at that time you can fill out a new membership.  Nothing will happen until this is done!

New Membership Form



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