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Join our Seniors Golf Association to enjoy organized monthly golf tournaments for fun and prizes! 

Play a round of golf on the first* Monday of every month at various courses in San Diego County.  See the "Upcoming Events" tab for the latest tournament schedule. *Note: Holidays sometimes shift the Monday. 

​     Your membership includes the right to play in any tournament along with a MyScorecard handicap account which levels the playing field for prizes based on your adjusted score. Prizes are also paid out for near pin holes and low score for "skins"!

here are two special tournaments each year honoring our founders Rod Cameron and
Cy Ramage. These tournaments are the two largest tournaments of the year. The Rod Cameron tournament consists of several flights based of the ages of those that play.

    Some of the special prizes awarded are for Senior of Senior (oldest group of seniors low gross score),
 Senior Champ (player with the lowest gross score) of the tournament, and most improved player of the year. 
There are flights of which there are 1st and 2nd place winners.  

The club welcomes men and women who have achieved the age of 55 or older

On the other Mondays a group of the seniors get together to play tournaments on their own, of which any member can join. 

Members are allowed to invite guests to play in tournaments.

Only members with up to date MyScorecard handicaps are eligible to win prizes.


We have shotgun starts when courses allow.


Join us at the annual luncheon for delicious food and prize awards!

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